The Basler Babes

Last week I had the plessure of making up three of pulse models finest ladies Ina Alex and Ania. As promised a blog post on the make up look for the three of them. As a brand Basler is very much a classic look and the make up had to reflect that. 



First up was Ania. I prepped her skin with Future Solutions LX softener serum eye cream and day emulsion. The emulsion gives a good base for make up. I used the Shiseido refining primer as a base and the cream concealer in No 2 as an eye shadow base. I used a trio of eye shadow in Br307 on Ania with black mascara and liquid liner. The base was a Future Solution LX foundation in 140. The contour was bronzer in No2 and highlighter in Wt901. U dee the eyes I used the sheer zone eye corrector in 103. The eyebrows are thanks to the Eyebrow styling compact. Finally the lips are RD302. 



Next up is Ina who’s skin I prepped with an Ibuki softening lotion and a bio performance glow revival serum and Ibuki emulsion. The make up look is the same as Ania however with the exception of foundation which is the sheer and perfect in 040. This has inbuilt colour correction and pore perfecting to give a flawless look. 



Finally was Alex who’s skin I prepped with Pureness softener and ultimune serum and a mattifying moisturiser. I primed her skin like Anias and the eyes are slightly different with Be213 shadows and wt901 in the tear duct. Her foundation was perfect refining in o40 and her lipstick br302. Again the highlight contour combo was the same as Anias. They looked beautiful xxxx

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