Glow Revival….Shiseido 

I love a good serum. The fact I do my three means a day of skin care with my three step my whole life means that my skin is in pretty good nick. That’s down partly to genetics, lifestyle and partly to skincare that’s good quality. It’s no secret that Shiseido features heavily in my skincare wardrobe and I’m delighted to have a new product that I’ve just finished. Glow Revival. 


I’m always the last out of the traps with reviews, because I like a product to be halfway through before I review it , if it’s skincare particularly premium skincare. I like to get a feel for it. 


So Glow Revival is what’s known in the business as a generalist serum. What that’s and guys is that it’s a good all round product. It targets roughness , redness, pores and fine lines. In terms of consistency it’s quite liquid and so great if you don’t like a thick creamy consistency. It offers an instant radiance as you can see above. What were the benefits I saw? My bare skin felt nicer but the biggest difference I saw was actually when I wore make up. Here I am wearing double wear light a matte make up with no highlighter and look at my skin 


  It’s smoother and glowing definitely. Now I also have a hormonal spot but that’s down to my period. The coverage is light enough on the foundation and my redness is definitely less evident. There is a technology in the serum that helps with redness and I definitely found it good, will i repurchase ? Yes definitely. It’s actually the perfect blend of what I need more so than any other one I’ve used before.  It’s price at €100 is worth it. I’ve got a lot of of compliments on my skin since I started using it and it definitely helped my pores. Available nationwide for the last month. 

I love it. 

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