Nails Inc Two week solution 

this weekend was a busy one on the maintenance front and I had to hit Brown Thomas fir my nails. Every time I’ve had them done I love them and they always last. I used to get Ewelina to do them before and now I have Ae my eyebrow guru to do them for me. 

Nails inc have a broad range of products from their cult Nail Kale to their gel polishes. The one you see here is my personal fave called St James. The beauty of the Bio sculpture is that you can literally have any colour. Me I’m a red pink or coral girl always . And the service they offer costs €45 however I find it lasts around three weeks. They do a three fortwo offer too if you pay in advance ( I do and then it works out at the average €30 a go) which is great value. So €90 for three treatments. 

For this you get three on three off so it’s super  and you get your loyalty card points too. When removed as I have blogged about in the past ,your nails are still perfect which isn’t always the case, and because the Bio Sculpture product is a clear one it won’t stain your nails. It lasts as long as a Gelish or Shellac with similar results. You can of course go for French or just a pale pink which is what the gal beside me on the nail bar had. 

I know that they offer a pedi service also on Sundays and Mondays but I’m not inclined to let anyone bar a chiropodist near my feet. Years of working in retail means my feet are not pretty and a very bad experience with a nail technician ( not naming them but it wasn’t Nails inc I can assure you) and a blood covered blade means I’m reluctant to have a full pedicure again. 


And my brows Ae looked after the last time with some threading and my Tom Selleck style  Ronnie was gone with the flash of a thread.  Just so you’re aware I dye my own brows because they are super fair and don’t hold colour very well.  But the shape of them I’m happy about for sure. It’s always a bonus being a gal and not having a Tashe to content with also. It works well when I have to take so many bloomin selfies too. 

Their cuticle oil pen I now prefer also to the Dior one I blogged about previously. It’s a bit easier to use because you twist it as opposed to squeeze it. It’s also cheaper at €16. Woo hoo result. 


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