Debbie invited me in for a sugaring hair removal treatment last week and to be honest  I was like a shaggy dog, with the hairs on my legs coming through my tights in parts. I jumped at the chance. The areas I had treated were my bikini legs and underarms. When speaking about hair removal in the past I testify to not being very hairy and my hair is fine and not especially strong or dark. This is relevant because I am of course speaking from getting my treatment on my hair type. 

Sugaring has been around for decades as a removal system and its really effective because the product whilst thick can seep into the hair removing it right from the root. The sugar is applied against the hair growth and removed with the hair growth. This obviously prevents breakage. The sugar is rolled on to the skin and removed in patches. There’s no strip used only the Alexandria professional product. Legs and underarms were not at all painful , I wouldn’t find waxing painful anyway on those areas, but sugaring definitely didn’t hurt. As you are removing hair, you will feel hair removal but it’s not especially uncomfortable and there were no blood spots or redness. It takes longer than waxing but the end product is more precise.


Now we come to the bikini area and the LA vajacial. Va what? Yes folks a facial for your minky including hair removal. Are you intrigued? I was equally intrigued and terrified but it was actually a great experience. Firstly the hair is removed, now this treatment theLA is similar to that of A Hollywood so everything gets removed. Debbie is a great and very experienced therapist so there was no indignity of being on all fours or like a frog on the bed. This is one of my pet hates for getting the bikini area done and thankfully it was the standard position. The sugaring is similar to the waxing pain wise and I purposely went when I wasn’t menstrual as this really affects my pain threshold. You don’t need to worry about the dreaded double dip either with sugaring as its a piece used, binned and a new one used again. It’s worth noting that the sugar should be changed regularly if the hair is long anywhere as it gets painful otherwise. 

Luckily the sugaring itself on the bikini was only mildly uncomfortable. What you are feeling is hair removal at its best where the hair is coming out from the root. A mud mask is applied straight after which cools the area and mud being long recognised for its detox properties left the area soft. The mud is removed with water and a sponge that is disposed of later ( thank god). I have Psorasis also on my legs so I was glad the sugar could be used on those tiny patches as you can barely see them but if I her waxed there they become red and can be sore. 

So I left Jades feeling great. Hair free soothed and so far I’ve just had one ingrown hair which is quite an achievement. Years of waxing means I could get three or four normally. I also took home the Alexandria mud and salt to treat my areas I has sugared and they are super. You really feel like you’re getting a spa treatment at home and the mud showers off effortlessly. 

There will be two more blogs on this process. One on the products once I get a proper little kit of them to use regularly and another on the follow up treatment. Sugaring is a cycle and the more you get it done the better it is for your skin. It works great as an exfoliation also. I’ve never been as smooth.

So thanks to Debbie at Jades. It’s definitely a process that was effective for me. Pricing is similar to that of waxing also. 

Here are some facts about sugaring; 


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