Budget Besties part two

Following on from my first budget bestie post when I reviewed some  garner products I was pushing the trolley around Dunnes and these jumped head first into my trolley , firstly the cotton pads which are super soft and remove make yo like a dream. The product doesn’t get all absorbed into it.

Next up we have Loreal Skin Perfection Cleanser and Toner. The cleanser cuts through make up quickly and effectively which is important. It’s a milk like texture do not too creamy. I use it directly on the face and removed the product with cotton wool. The toner which has a gel like consistency is very gently and doesn’t sting at all. It refines the skin perfectly and won’t dry it out. My skin would be dry combination sensitive and I have had no reaction to these products at all. 



They retail at around seven euro each and are available in all supermarkets and pharmacies. They are really great and are great budget besties. As with all skin care you can only have them open for 6 months. Budget brands don’t last as long and I do find you use more of the product however that doesn’t mean that they are a false economy but you will be replacing them more often. Some great budget besties and all for under a tenner each! Bargain. 

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