The importance of good runners

In recent times fitness has become a big deal for me and it seems everyone is jumping on the fit fam bandwagon. Healthy eating and working out is categorically the new black. An acquaintance on Twitter at Christmas had seen my plea for a decent pair of runners and sent me a DM to “Get yourself over to John Buckley sports they will sort you out”. Now I’ve heard many a story about Penneys Runners being great and I’m certainly not going to dispute it, they are however fashion items and not suitable for running. I’ve seen the gym gear everywhere and I do use it myself but the runners have little support and as most people work out both indoors and outdoors you need to be properly equipped. 

I was working out hard and felt a bit unsteady when squatting and a as I am the queen of clumsy the lunges were comical. The other poor Educogym clients were terrified I’d topple over. 

Off I went over the bridge with not many expectations based on an earlier attempt to buy a pair at a leading sports store for €160, but unfortunately the poor guys sales technique of ” they are very good and look at the neon laces ” didn’t exactly fill me with hope. 

From the second I entered the John Buckley premises I felt like I was in safe hands. The shop was busy with many fit looking folk. The consultant measured my feet and got me to stand on one foot then the other and made me try on three pairs of different runners. As it transpires I’m not clumsy but my feet do pronate slightly which means I need stability ( don’t we all) I settle on a pair of neon orange Nikes and was chuffed to get a 20 percent discount as it was sale time. I gotta tell you these runners were life changing. I’m now an official squat enthusiast and the only thing that’s wobbling a little is my bum.. I’m working on that though.  The ones I got were Called structure 17. They improved my power walking now end and were great for walking in the dark morning and nighttime. 

I have to say that they have maintained their shape and are as good as the day I bought them. You get approx 500 miles out of your runners so I needed an upgrade given I walk around twenty to thirty km per week. I walk to and from Work and then walk in the evenings too. 


Not one to be out of season I went there again this weekend accompanied by Mr G and we both got new ones. Once again the staff were superb and I just upgraded to Nike Structure 18’s. They have all our details saved and it makes upgrading your runners a doddle. Although on both visits we were seen by different staff members there was great continuity of service something that I am passionate about.

So thanks again to John Buckley sports for super service. I am proof that you don’t need to be an athlete to wear excellent running footwear. 

I always thought that it didn’t matter about runners but boy was I wrong! So think quality over quantity when it comes to what you use to run walk or work out it. 

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