Jamelia and that debate

As a curvaceous woman myself I was horrified to hear of Jamelias  thoughts on plus size shopping. She has said that they “shouldn’t be available on the high street “that it’s “promoting an unhealthy lifestyle “. Have your record sales dropped Jameila?  I personally don’t think that people with short moderately successful pop careers should be judges on TV shows but then I’m not the TV police. 

Nobody wants to be unhealthy or overweight but far be it for her with access to gyms chefs and personal trainers to judge where plus size people should be able to shop. How any human being would want someone to feel uncomfortable about their lifestyle , weight or anything else just beggars belief.  

I’m currently undergoing changes having hot a three stone weightloss bringing me from a 22 to a 16 in around six months. I’m lucky to have friends and family as well as work colleagues that have spurred me on. Mr GlamityJane has recently adopted a healthier lifestyle too in order to support me. I have the experts in Educogym helping me along the way with  nutrition and work outs so I’m blessed. It’s the first time I’ve ever really tried a regime and thankfully it’s working.  But there by the grace of God go I. Did I enjoy clothes shopping as a heavier girl? Not especially. Would it have been unbearable had I to go somewhere special to buy fat clothes? Yes. Would it have made me rethink my lifestyle ? No. That’s what comes from within. 

There isn’t anyone that should ever be made feel uncomfortable because they are overweight. And in no way would I ever think that high street stores shouldn’t cater for larger people. Life is hard enough. 
Jameila you are an absolute disgrace and I hope you suffer the consequences of your silly comments, I hope people don’t watch your shows or buy your records. 
And I will leave you with the words of a truly inspiring woman: 


Jog on Jamelia 

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