Mac Prolongwear Fresh and exciting 

Anyone that follows me on social media will know that I’m pretty regimental about my foundation.. My skin is combination an absolute pain in the proverbial where the bar is concerned. Daytime I wear sheer and perfect by Shiseido which colour corrects but does need to be reapplied and at night either double wear light or mac studio fix. I rarely deviate because I operate on the basis of it ain’t broke……

There I am in the car on the way to work.. 845 am looking fresh! I used it both as a concealer and foundation. 

There I am at 6pm after a busy day and a touch up only on my nose.
My skin is dry combination but the gel texture suited me to perfection. A little goes a long wY and you done need a special cleanser to remove it. Just your regular one ( as long as it’s not a water one) I must have snap chatted half a million selfies that’s how amazing it is. 
Now a word of caution. You will have to colour matched for this. Normally I’d be an NC35 when I’m baked in tan but the colour I’m wearing above is an NC42. It looks a bit yellow on the brush but normal on the skin.


Here I am after cocktails and wine and Chinese at around 10pm. So it really is amazers! This will be a big deal for weddings too as it does photograph so well. A big thanks to Joanne in MAC who also showed me the way of a brow mascara! That’s another review though! 

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