Vichy Liftactiv Supreme

So as much as I love high end skincare I know that not everyone can afford it or wants to splash out. When I got the press release for this baby I was a tad excited. 

I was familiar with the name having seen it several times in the window of Minihans pharmacy. It is one of Vichyssoise best selling creams and I’m happy to report its with good reason. It firms and helps with the appearance of fine lines.  its for dry to very dry skin which is exactly what mature skin can be. Luckily though the cream itself just melts into the skin perfectly and is a great base for make up. Sometimes forming crams can tend to be thick but this one has a gel cream texture that gives the necessary hydration but not the play doh consistency. Hip hip Hooray. 

As this moisturiser targets dullness sagging and lines it’s really a 40 plus Product, but as my skin is dry I felt the effect of the hydration the most. I do have as any 36 year old plenty of fine lines and this helped to soften them for sure, all in all for €32.50 it’s a great buy. 


I tend to normally be heavy handed with things but this is after two weeks of use and with me using it morning and evening, it’s a great mid price buy and excellent for the 40 plus gals. Love love love

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