My lips don’t lie 

I’m not massively vain, this I know. But I decided that this year nothing was going to stop me changing anything about myself that bothered the end of 2014 saw me start weights and weight loss and this year it was time to sort out my other big hang up.. My lips. I inherited small lips from my mum who lucky for her was petite with fine features. 

As someone that sells lipstick as part of her living I was finding the thin lips annoying, so rather than be annoyed by anything that was actually attached to my body I decided the change it. 
I had a few consultations and to be honest I was horrified at what I was offered. The promise of perfect lips after one dose of a treatment alarmed me for a number of reasons. Im going from a thin lip. I was under no illusions about that. My top lip all but disappeared when I smiled. I sat opposite an aesethic DOCTOR that told me he could do 1ml no problem. Now here’s the thing guys. I’m a beauty writer and know a little about minor cosmetic procedures. I’m 36, not very impressionable and really just wanted symmetrical lips. So basically the doctor asked me did I want to proceed as he was conscious that he had another appointment. Eh no thanks . Sticking needles in my lips is a big deal. 

 I kinda wanted a Patsy Kensit or Reece Witherspoon lip. Nothing dramatic. This is the base I was starting from. 

So that’s me lined and lip sticked with no top lip 😀. You can see there a pretty ok bottom lip. I’m a little concerned about impressionable younger girls going to have this treatment and being told and encouraged that they can take a big lip. Truth be told nobody wants Leslie Ash lips and that’s what a lot of girls are getting in reality. What is going to happen when these big lips are no longer in vogue? I can see it becoming like the breast augmentations of the noughties… Except this is on your face. 

Fillers are temporary, Juvaderm lasts around 9-12 months. It is widely recognised as the best filler available and is manufactured by Allergan. Any clinic that uses this product has full traceability of it and therefore you know what you’re getting. This is vital. It’s available primarily from clinics and doctors and it would be a product I would totally endorse. 


So here’s the actual process. I chose Kathryn Revell cosmetic after a lengthy consultation. There was no pressure to ” do it” there and then nor was there talk about how much product. All she said was this will be a two step process, cost wise it’s the same , but it’s safer and more comfortable. What? Two steps, with a two week gap? Alright this was my kind of treatment. She did warm me about bruising also but my initial treatment felt a little discomfort but nothing that I don’t get from threading my lip. In fact threading my lip is more painful. Here’s the result after the first one.

Pretty subtle isn’t it? I actually want to an event that night so there was no down time at all. Here I am ahead of the Mercy Soho fundraiser. 

So I had a little filler in my lower lip and more product in my upper lip probably .5ml of Juvaderm. I also had small amount put into a line on my forehead. I’ve lost weight and do a bit of volume from my face. 
Back I went for my second lot of treatment , again I was aware I could bruise, everyone that I know that’s had lip enhancement has, so I did bruise a tiny bit this time. It’s not noticeable though as you can see from the picture. 

So it’s really imperative that you interstate the product into your lip by massage and I think that’s why I’ve had such good results. Here it is last night with some lovely lipstick 
So gals I couldn’t say anything negative about it. It was worth awaiting the two step process. I’m thrilled with the result. My lips are plump and the product doesn’t feel alien or look unnatural. As with any product research is your friend. Kathryn Revell is located in Cork on Oliver Plunkett Street and you can contact her 0214806672. I think an appointment is worth your while for a consultation if it’s something you are thinking about. The prices start from €250 but you need to have a consultation to get a quote. I used overall less than 1ml. 

3 thoughts on “My lips don’t lie 

  1. Looks great! That’s frightening to think that some of the consultants were so flippant about it. I need to get something done about pigmentation on my forehead and it was recommended that I talk to Kathryn Revell.


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