Flawlessly Irish   


I’m well used to using make up brushes and to be honest I find them at times underwhelming. They can shed and leave you with a moustache and on other occasions they pick up too much or little of a product.
Nima Brushes are heaven sent. A combination of synthetic and natural fibres the brushes kinda surprised me. They blend like a dream the sizes are perfect and they wash and dry in a jiffy. They are also pretty and hardworking, a bit like Reece Witherspoon. 
So the picture above shows a look I created using only my new Nima brushes. This is pretty usual for me because I have two or three go to brushes for an eye look. I loved every single brush they blended and buffed perfectly. The eye detailed set is only €30, for the whole set. A great start out set fur anyone. They work really well on a pro basis too. As with all brushes I think you need a good brush cleanser once a week, I use the bare minerals one. It really amazes me that you could get a whole brush set of great quality brushes for under €100. Have a look at http://www.nimabrush.com and check the selection out. Pop any questions underneath. 

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