Beauty Blunders- The most common

We have all at one stage looked at a picture and thought OMG what was I thinking with THAT make up. My particular faux-pas was a too dark, cover girl heavy coverage foundation in the mid 90’s which I wore without blusher. A typical teenage blunder I think you will agree. So what are the most common crimes against cosmetics?

First up is to do with the base, the foundation you use should be skin appropriate and by this I mean both in tone and texture. Ideally you should match your skin tone perfectly but if you use tan this can be difficult but the general rule is that it should not be a different to the neck. The coverage should be dependent on your needs, never opt for a long wear formula if your skin is dry, nor a radiant finish if you are oily. Avoid putting the foundation under the eyes use instead a highlighter such as Touché Éclat if you tend towards dark circles and a concealer like Nars radiant creamy concealer if like me you are old.

Second up is not wearing blusher or bronzer to add definition. A one dimensional face is so boring and can be quite ageing add a little blush to keep it fresh. Strobing is all the rage lately and if you use blush you should strobe over it… but that is a whole other blog post. The other youthful and face shaping trick is to keep the eyebrows shaped and make sure you use a pencil or powder to add the extra bit of colour.

Thirdly is eyeliner, black can be so harsh and applying it across the whole eye top and bottom can make the eyes look small and overdone. If you like a lot of liner opt for a liquid or gel along the top only which will deepen your lash line. This will leave a clean line and looks pretty and modern without being too “trendy”.

Leaving off the lippy is the last one… It is a fact that not everyone loves a perfect matte pout but there are such a range of lipsticks available now from matte to semi sheer. For the girl that doesn’t like a lipstick Shiseido do a range  that are between a gloss and lipstick. They add colour, but a wash of colour as opposed to full-on coverage. Not wearing a little colour on the lips can be draining not to mention old fashioned. The Kardashian nude look needs to be tailored to your skin tone, so even if you are going nude please remember that we all require different shades and levels of nude.

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