Pharmacy Faves

Theres no doubt I adore high end make up. But this Saturday after an over indulgent Friday I decided to do a very minimal look. I was tired cranky hungover but had to go to the shops to get some gifts. 

With that in mind I used my usual skin care routine and started with a base of Vichy BB cream. SPF 50, light in texture to offer a light hydrating texture. The colour is Tan. 
On my face I used the new Isa Dora Face Sculptor. Priced at €25.50 it contains a Matt bronzer a glow bronzer and a blush which adds great definition and a pleasant flush of Colour. Any MAC Margin fans will love this set up. It’s nicely tanned and great for this time of year to define and lightly contour. My eyes I’m also wearing Isa Dora Twist up eye gloss in nude on the brow bone and sun kissed on the lids. In my tear duct I’m using a gold pencil also by Isa Dora. The lip is my standard lip crayon in nude. I love it. So easy to wear. 


The Mascara I’m using is a waterproof one by Cosmetix a new catalogue brand. Called City fashion it kinda is just that.This gives subtle definition and it doesn’t clump. The brush is nifty and catches even the smallest finest lashes to give a wide eyed look. The brow pencil is by Essence and at under €3 you can’t go wrong. 

Under my eyes the physicians  formula BB concealer does a good job of hiding the bags.   

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