Are you a Tanimal? Read on

Some of the best accessories you will ever own you will find in the beauty hall or beauty aisle of your local pharmacy. These nifty products make your life easier when it comes to tanning and haircare. Over the coming weeks I will be looking at the tools of the trade that are imperative to have in your beauty arsenal but first let’s look at the tanning hacks that I have recently discovered. No More Drama is a tan remover that whips off the most stubborn tan. This pink tub of witchcraft will fix streaks and help remove old tan so you can start afresh. It smells fabulous and gives a smooth finish to reapply the new tan. I found it excellent when I had a few nights out in the one week and my tan needed to look fresh. It is available in Caci Beauty salon in Douglas and is priced at €12.95 per tub.


Next up a leopard print magic glove called Glove your Body. We have all been there with some traditional tanning mitts, a glass of wine in one hand on tanning Thursday and the slippery mitt in the other. Not anymore this ambidextrous glove that is super soft and contains no plastic lining has little elastic rings on the inside to hold it in place. It is pricer that other mitts at €19.99 but is worth every penny as the mitten shape means that you can get all the hard to reach areas like the backs of your knees and underarms for a really professional finish. It comes with a little clear plastic bag which means it can travel with you on weekends away and it’s handy for keeping it between uses as you don’t need to wash it after every use. Available on


The tan cosy is like a cotton sleeping bag with arms that you wear when you are tanning. It prevents any tan getting on your bed linen and partner while you sleep. It also means that you can relax on the sofa and not worry about your tan staining it. It comes in a handy little bag that you keep it in and it is machine washable. It is available on

St Tropez are the most well-known veterans of tan and they have a handy little fabric mitt to help with tanning mistakes. I find this useful especially when using instant or wash off tan. It’s a black mitt that removes residue without affecting the tan itself. It is for all intents and purposes like a tea towel to mop up any excess. It stops the excess tan from creating streaks and because there is so little product on it, which helps to give an even tan. It retails at €7.99 from Boots.


Soltan Beautiful bronze Exfoliation sponge is great to help with elbows knees and ankles in preparation for tan. It is handy and portable and such a welcome addition to my beauty bag especially for holidays as it is compact but really effective. It is only available in Boots and it sells for €3.85

Latex Gloves are a great tanning hack for gradual tan and who better but Marissa Carter to bring out her own range of pink tanning gloves. These disposable gloves are so handy for gradual tan as they feel like a second skin, so it is like just putting on a body lotion. The Cocoa brown range of tanning gloves are available in Penneys and retail at €3.60

And finally a few tanning tips for the guys and gals that are tanimals. Make sure you exfoliate the day before. Once you tan your hands and feet apply a little hand cream as these areas can be drier than other parts of your body and so absorb the tan differently causing streaks and white bits. The body lotion won’t affect the look of the tan it will only make it more even.

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