Origins Clear Improvement

 Never a one for major vanity you can see the picture in this post has me sporting a rather unusual mask. My skin has become of late a bit combination and always qualified to treat the dry bit I must admit that for the combination situation the struggle was real.  

A recent trip stateside saw me wander quite naturally and altogether casually into Sephora and while I was there I spotted this in the travel size section. Never a one for a small size in anything I flight the proper size and priced at $25 I thought it was worth a shot. 

Sephora is a beauty addicts paradise with a selection of wonderous products to suit all budgets. This wasn’t my only purchase there on the day so expect to be bamboozled. 

The mask is easy to use, you just dampen you face with a warm facecloth and apply it to the problematic area. In reality I should have just utilised the nose cheek and chin area, using a grape size amount but for a first attempt I slathered it all over. It dried to a light grey colour and the drier areas felt tight while it was on, a sure sign that this is a spot treatment product for a combination gal however if your skin is oily all over then use it as I did. 
Who’s it for? Oily or congested skin or combination skin used on the pores. Once per week is plenty for combo skin and twice for oilier types. 

A fab one to do when you get home post the gym of an evening when you can leave it an hour or so before applying the rest of your skincare. 

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