Becca Champagne Pop

Let me start by saying I’m not afraid of change and that alone is probably the reason that I have oodles of make up. So when the bloggersphere went crazy for Becca Champagne pop I booked a flight to Vegas and hit Sephora to get me one of these limited edition highlighters , a collaboration between Becca and MUA and general gorgeous gal Jaclyn Hill.  


For me upon the first few turns of using it I have to saw I found it too gold and not really that impressive. It didn’t really blend well with my dewy finish make up and if I’m honest I thought it looked like eyeshadow. I used it under my brow bone and thought it looked great. I think that Bobbis Shimmerbrick or MAC soft and gentle did a better job.

So was it worth the $38 ? Not for me personally , but for every blog you see that isn’t impressed there are 20 that loved it. It just didn’t work with my skin tone or my make up look overall. I’m not a massive fan of that overly strobed look, I like the subtle contour look on myself with a good bit of blusher. I will try it on some of my clients as I think it would work well on pale or olive skin tones.

I will try it later again to see if I can find the blogger love 💋

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