Three is a charm 

Nobody is perfect. And no skin is perfect so I went about trailing some mask combining. It worked an actual treat. 

Allow me to explain . My skin is combination so has different needs. My TZone is oily , my cheeks dry and my eyes ageing. 

There are three ones on my face here. Firstly Shiseido Benfiance Retinol eye masks. These little pads contain a stabilised form of retinol that helps to tone and tighten the eye area as well brighten and give a youthful look. I’ve blogged about these many times and the honest they really are an excellent buy. Anyone that has an event coming up should invest. 

I applied the Origins Clear Improvements mask to my TZone using an old foundation brush. It unclogs pores and won’t dry the skin out. 
Finally the Ren Glycolactic mask is a gel like consistency which helps with areas that are dry and and dull and helps to brighten skin. I rinsed off these with a wet flannel. Apologies for the goulish appearance but it is almost Halloween.  Have a happy week. 

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