Botox is it really all that ?

I’m starting work at an aesthetic clinic soon and it was for me probably the most natural transition having spent four years working in high end skin care. For me before training I thought it was all about injecting ( done only by Doctors and Nurses) and a quick fix. How wrong I was. I thought that you’d walk in looking 40 and out looking 20. How’s that for an expectation? 

I’ve always looked after my skin. Always, whatever my budget dictated I did the best I could for it . I watched for offers on products and services and that was how I maintained it. I expect most women are the same. A lot of my friends have Botox and fillers . It’s the 21st Century and  people aren’t ashamed or hiding it anymore. It’s not about vanity. It’s about looking good , eating well and a little bit of help from a needle. 

Botox was something I resisted , tried , forgot about and then recently tried again. 

There are a few reasons for this. The effect I wanted was not a no movement one.  With my shape eyes and face you must make sure that you don’t overdo it or your brows will drop. Now call me a drama queen but my brows are kind of my trademark. Bushy and bold. Here’s what I looked like before I could frown quite easily and my lines quite pronounced. 


So well aware that I’m not a clingon or in no way was I coming from a place of desperation or that I looked older than 36. I know I don’t. I would say that I look in or around my age. I’m ok with that. 

So the after shots I must admit are fairly impressive in terms of looking fresh. I have been using brightening products too and some serious antioxidants in the form of Skinceuticals. A once a day shot of vitamin C topically is doing me good. Youthful skin is about radiance primarily so add light to your face with radiance and strobing when you do your make up. 

For balance and good measure I’ve put a no make up one as well.  

So Botox as Kathryn says is great , but couple it with great skincare , regular masking and a good SPF and you are pretty much there. It’s 80 percent what you do everyday and 20 percent what the doctor does. All of the photos are taken in natural light with no filter. The before shots were when I had just come back from holidays so I am slightly tanned. I also has three sunspots removed by cryotherapy in the clinic. I’ve spoken about that on my Facebook page. Overall I am really happy. I terms of movement I still have loads. I look less tired and more awake. I’m definitely more youthful and fresher looking. If I could describe what Botox does is that it makes you look fresher. 

The procedure itself isn’t painful at all. If you’re fearful of needles just close your eyes. Vincent the doctor that performed my Botox was gentle and quick. My previous experience with Jenny was the same. They are both medical doctors so needles are second nature to them, but they are sensitive that perhaps you might be nervous. 

Prices for Botox vary, but what I will say is that I would use a reputable clinic. There are under qualified people out there using products with questionable traceability. The product itself is best sourced from Allergan and it’s not cheap. Qualified medical professionals aren’t cheap either. But neither should your face be. If you were getting dental work done or a hip replacement you wouldn’t really be looking for the cheapest. Especially if you’re a first timer. 
Maybe Botox isn’t for you. Perhaps you need to up your skincare game. Regardless a consultation is free. 

Kathryn Revell Cosmetic is located on Oliver Plunkett Street in Cork. You can contact them through Facebook or by calling the clinic on 021-4806672. 

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