Olaplex at Kopper Hair

Poor old MJ was having a bad hair time in recent months. Crispy fried noodle hair with no lustre from chopping and changing the colour. I had a couple of crisis of faith when it came to my hair in recent months. I lusted after bronde, had palpitations with purple and loved lavender. My last hair appointment saw me go to a lovely more sandy colour.


Here’s the thang with sandy blonde… you need to not wash it every day to maintain it properly or it goes kinda yellow. My lifestyle indicates that I have to wash my hair at least every other day, in summer everyday. It’s my thing you see. So sandy wasn’t my friend and went and turned a pale gold…. eh that is yellow and it makes me VERY unmellow.


So I scooted off to Kopper in Glanmire to hear and try he  new buzz word in Haircare…. Olaplex. This promises minimum damage and breakage.

I knew what I wanted but did not have a clue how to articulate it nor a clue what Olaplex could really do I headed in there armed with a box of Quality street and high hopes.
My first hurdle was Sabrina the telepathic owner that normally tells me what I want wasn’t there, however that was grand …. Emma knew what I needed. My ham fisted tale obviously was good enough and with foils and what looked like a perspex chopping board she got to work.

Olaplex happens in two stages , stage one is added to the colour or in my case lightener and the colour is added as usual. The chopping board is a technique for colouring the what I am calling ” Blondeyage “. A Balyage without the brown.

The colour cooks and then the step Two is applied and left in similar to a traditional treatment , rinsed and off you go. It does add a little time onto your regular appointment but that my friends is time well spent. Probably around 20 minutes which considering the result afterwards is not a lot to ask.

Now my hair I’m trying to grow. I cut it quite a bit during the summer. I want to have the versatility of longer hair but I want to be blonder too. So the Olaplex was ideal. It costs €25 extra but is well worth it. My hair wasn’t as knotty and it feels lovely. The colour I think is gorgeous and I got what I wanted. Aideen did a lovely blowdry and I’m happy that Emma just trimmed it. There was already a good shape in it. I also am back on the Joico products. They really suit my hair. They are scientific and smell gorgeous which is a combination not seen since George Clooney was in ER… Ok we don’ know how he smelt but he could make anyone look good.


The before pictures are only a reflection on myself but the afters are a
Testament to Emma and Olaplex.

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