Lip Enhancement. 

So way back a while I started a lip augmentation process with equal amounts of excitement and trepidation for numerous reasons. Let me say first I’ve always felt my mouth , that includes my teeth has always been my least favourite part of my face. When assessing whether lip augmentation was for me or not I want to say it’s something that I put a lot of thought and effort into researching and as I write this my second blog on the treatment my stance remains the same.
Research is the name of the game when it comes to any non surgical face treatments. There are places you can go to have a lip augmentation done for €150.00, and when the job is done you will have €150.00 worth of work done, but with what product? Anything that’s injected into your body needs to be traceable , suited to the area being injected and also needs to be injevted by either a nurse or doctor. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. Ever.  The best environment for this to take place is a clinic or a sterile area within a spa or salon.

So in total I’ve had 2.5mls of Juvederminjected  since June which is a hefty amount of product.

 But the journey has been a gradual one going from a very small lip as you can see from below.

A picture paints a thousand words and I guess now I am where I want to be. Fuller more symmetrical and generally a better fit for me . So for now I’ve reached the end of my lip journey. It was pretty painless as Juvederm has an inbuilt local anaesthetic. I didn’t get my lips numbed either in advance. I had a tiny bruise on my left side but this is really common when you get your lips injected. Most people bruise slightly some more than others. The results are great. Less is always more.

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