Don’t worry about me … Worry about your eyebrows

December is a pretty manic month for me… This month in particular has been a tradgedy I’ve been working around the clock and haven’t had time for much. It’s with this in mind I realised I had to do something with my brows…. I’d also deferred getting my lip waxed because of the aforementioned lip enhancement. A week on my Ronnie needed seeing to and with a night out on the cards my full shebang waxing wise needed to be tended too, I set off to see my gal pal and eyebrow aficionado of choice the gorgeous Katie Higgins, at Susan Ryan’s in Cork. 

The salon itself is well located and always running on time. Two essentials for me. They are also extremely accommodating with last minute appointments , which I noticed when another client came in badly on the want of an eyebrow job and they looked after her. Great service.
The process isn’t pretty! Big black brows are part of it. I needed them tinted and shaped and Katie is the woman for the job. I traumatised a guy on Instagram by posting the above photo.. He didn’t realise that my brows have to be tinted to perfection prior to being shaped. My Ronnie was also delicately removed and Katie ever the pro suggested Electrolysis for any random hairs. I will be back for that as I’m not suited to laser anywhere on my body because I’m blonde. Boo! 
  A recent trip to specsavers saw me with new bolder specs so I opted for bolder brows to match.  I am now restored to my former hi brow glory and will be sporting the perfect brow for the festive season. You can book Katie on 021 4275741 


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