Boys make passes at girls who wear glasses… 

  • Ok maybe they don’t ..not married ones anyway …. But I couldn’t resist naming the blog post that. And also at nearly 37 I’m now certainly more of a woman. And one with declining eyesight too. I can’t actually believe that it’s been two years since i last updated my specs so when the remixer came I set off with great aplomb to my local specsavers. I find the two for one deal tempting and this time in a vain attempt to look intelligent I went for a stronger frame. What does that mean for my make up though ? 

A strong frame means that your brow game needs to also be strong. Glasses show up all of the little downy fluffy hairs so you need to keep on top of those babies. I also wanted to dispel the myth that you couldn’t wear fake lashes with glasses. See below. If you want to wow with your own lashes then an eyelash curler is absolutely essential.  I also like the little hammered metal detail on the side of the specs.  Blusher is extremely important for glasses wearers as the end of the frame skims your cheek. You can also utilise contour to the best of your ability.
 You also don’t need to wear less eye make up. If you have thick frames you’re better off with a thick liner. Gel looks great on an eye that is sporting the geek chic look.  If using a shimmer shadow then use it on your lower lid as opposed to your socket. Then keep your skin fresh and bright looking by using a radiance product. The radiant look is my fave and I rarely wear powder. That’s a whole other blog post though.   Under the eye area especially. Make sure you’re adding light. I love the Maybelline eye eraser for this. Maybelline is actually one of my favourite pharmacy brands. The eye eraser is something I couldn’t live without. Creamy radiant coverage and all for around €12.
The Botanics radiance balm is a lovely primer for day or night and it’s lightly hydrating texture will give you a beautiful creamy finish to your foundation . The body shop one will wake up tired. Or dull skin and is great work alone on your data off. There’s no colour but it definitely energises the  face. 

 And my final tip is to wear a strong lippy sometimes. A flick of gel liner … And a red or pink lip is just what the doctor ordered when you want a fast fix. Embrace your specs gals xxxxx 

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