Lips my two week update 

I’m sure at this point more people have seen my lips than any other part of me with my tweeting of my fifty shades of lipstick , I’ve got a new interest in lippy and my lip enhancement. It’s two weeks to the day since I got my final result lip wise having started the journey in May. Of the many gorgeous traits and personality quirks I inherited from my parents my Dad’s thin lips were my least desirable and I went about getting them seen to in May of this year. I’ve never overdrawn my lips even at their thinnest because to me honest I’m too fiddly with my mouth area and on the few occasions I tried I ended up like the joker. I’m quite expressive  My natural lips are very pale kind of like the rest of me. 

Let’s have a look at where I started lip wise in May …… 



Giving you the whole face there guys so you can see why I was concerned with the lip area. So that was step 1. Here’s my lips after my two week check up. After the initial job I had no bruising but had a tiny bruise after the check up where I was given a little more volume to the top. 

As you can see my lips are even and not swollen at all. It takes dedication and time to achieve an even lip. In the above picture I’ve had two small amounts injected. After which I was quite happy and didn’t think I could go bigger. Here’s a picture of the whole face again. With make up … I don’t tend not to store the no make up ones …. I wonder why ? Probably because they are less attractive. 

Then I wanted another little bit but was advised by the clinic to wait six months which I did. I’m glad I waited. Back in the chair again.  This time using Juvederm again. Things have changed I’m now working in the business on a front of house basis.  So I went for a slightly bigger look. Still not outrageous. 

The pictures above show my lip journey well I think. You can see that they are symmetrical and not at all pouty. 

I’m using AOX lip cream everyday to keep them hydrated. 
I also am wearing lipstick everyday now. What girl doesn’t? So today was my two week checkup and we are so busy in the clinic that I had it on my lunch break. We always do a two week check up to see that the lip is still ok and to answer any questions the client may have. You can see in the below pic that any swelling has subsided and I didn’t bruise. 

So in conclusion did I want to have a Kylie Jenner lip? No I’m 36 and wanted to be more adventurous with lipstick and to give myself a little boost. Is it for everyone? No . Was it for me? Categorically . The final pic is me wearing make up and lipstick. Because everyday that’s how I roll. I would be a bad advertisement for GlamityJane if I didn’t . Very little difference apart from the festive lip which I’m sporting for Santa. 


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