Instantly bronzed 

Have you ever been invited out after work and thought I’d love to go but I’m not ready!? Don’t ever let the fact that you’re not tanned put you off again. Introducing ( I’m late to the party) Cocoa Brown instant gels. These I have featured a few times on my Cork Indo column and snapchat because they are pretty much my holy grail instant tan now. They are a gel texture which is great for all skin types. It’s the texture I tend to prefer over mousse or liquid because it’s less messy and there’s better control. Here they are in all their glory. Two types Matte and shimmer.   

Ordinary when I hear shimmer I run for the hills however this is subtle and not full on bling which not only wont sit in pores it won’t destroy your clothes either. 

With instant tan it’s never an exact science when it comes to coming off on your clothes when you wear it. I can however tell you it washes out perfectly. I would happily lay star shaped in my best bed linen just after applying safe in the knowledge if it transfers it will wash out. 

So the first little pic is the matte , it shows that it’s gel and not too runny the second a picture of my and my friend wearing the matte and shimmer. My hand is the purple hers the pink. We are both naturally pale enough so it makes a good difference without the t-orange look. It’s priced at €6.90 and you can use it anywhere. I like a tan like that. 

Who should buy it? Everyone really, it’s a handy tan to have for last minute and also if you’re a commitment phobe when it comes to tanning and only want it for one night. You can also use it on smaller parts of your body for contouring like your collar bones. The colour is brown but not too dark. If you like a pale look I’d suggest the gentle bronze. 

As a make up artist I’ve started keeping it in my kit ( matte) one to help clients with tanning disasters , one such example was she had missed out on a whole part of her neck after tanning herself the night before after a few glasses of wine. It’s handy for me to be able to offer clients an option rather than saying oh tough luck!  You can buy it in pharmacies everywhere and there’s no mistaking the pink bottle.  

So it’s been a while coming to the blog … But my poor blog is neglected at times because I’m trying to keep up with everything.

 I’m so impressed my it that I’ve repurchased both types. 

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