Christmas Bling 

It’s not often you’d hear of me indulging in the disco life but I was born in the era so with that in mind I headed to Inglot to pick me up some festive bling. 

Loose pigment is one of those things you either love or loathe. I love it for a few reasons. Firstly you can go from desk to dance floor with one quick sweep. It can literally transform your shadow from secretary to sexy in 10 seconds. I also like that you can create a completely different look depending on the base colour you use. 
  And I am a magpie. I like that the effect is lighter and light catching that when the pigment is not spread.  
AMC pigment by Inglot in 119 is pure perfection. There’s a rose gold feel to the effect it has on the eye which is more on trend right now than an Adele album on your iTunes. You can see above that once it spreads the colour diffuses however you’re going to use a good base colour underneath anyway for maximum impact. 

Above is the finished product. I just used a dense brush to pack it onto the middle of the lid to give a spotlight effect. I’m also wearing the gel liner in black from Inglot. It retails at €18 but would last you ages.  

On a separate note I would like to commend the girls in Inglot for their patience at this time of year, especially Catherine who looked after me so well. 

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