Contouring out the Quality Street and Cava… 

Have you competitively eaten your way through the festive season ? Have you drank enough wine and Baileys to last you a lifetime ? Did you rush to the sales to buy a Spanx for New Years Eve? Whilst hiding the tummy might be easy sometimes the face can be a little trickier.  I’m not exactly a massive fan of overdone contouring because it reminds me a bit of the Kardashians. Nothing wrong with them but I’m a bit more of a fan of adding blush too… Primarily because I lack Kim’s Middle Eastern colouring. I need blush to make me healthy and slightly more youthful. 

 So anyway this slightly side angle gives you a good idea of where you need to add shade. I tend to prefer a slightly more bronzed look that the grey look. Using a brush you sweep the bronzer lightly under the cheekbone and the most important thing is to blend it. This avoids stripes and gives you the look of great bone structure. If you have a giant forehead like me it does you no harm to sweep a little along your hairline with a large brush. 

Now comes my personal fave… The double chin, the most telling of facial bloating. This seems to be where my Cava deposits. The jawline becomes slack and puffy. I feel that the cream and the double foundation/ concealer  look takes time and effort so prefer to use products that are powder based. They are more practical and for a novice ,easier to blend. Cream on cream never really works for me.. I don’t like the finish. I like luminosity on my skin, but love the type of luminous look that comes from having good skin.  Blush goes on the apples or fat part of your cheeks. Apply a small amount to freshen up your face. I love these two Blank Canvas brushes , F16 which works well around the face and jawline and the F30 which works well under the cheekbone. 

See below one of my favourite illustrations of where to shade. Remember though blend is your friend. Nobody looks good with a bronzed beard and if you over -apply the product will stick to the fine downy hairs we all have. Use a large brush to buff the overall look so it looks natural and soft. Don’t over complicate things. 

Part of facial structure comes from good brows too and some well applied lip liner. You may also notice from these pictures I’ve been working to much success on my resting bitch face.  I think I’ve pretty much nailed it. 

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