DIY Big Hair

Everyone loves a bit of volume… Whether it’s loud music or big hair and for my wedding anniversary I decided to go hard or go home. When creating any kind of upstyle one thing is imperative … Freshly washed hair is a definite no no especially if like me your hair is fine. You can create a bit of texture no problem but it’s better to have day old hair. 

Kevin Murphy has nailed the matte texture with two really effective products, this cruelty free brand is making a lot of noise in recent times on social media and in editorial work as well as among ordinary folk like myself.

Doo over is a dry shampoo Matte texturise that contains some hold. Sprayed onto the roots it gives the just out of bed look that’s so hot now. The powder puff gives a non sticky hold and is similar to a lot of the texture or volumising powder products with one exception .. It washes out really easily. 



One of the first things I ever tried for Glamity Jane were sleep in rollers. Although I rarely wear them to bed I still love the size of them. My hair is medium length and they are just the right size.  The other rollers are a mixture from boots and the Salon shop. 

There’s no point in having the rollers in for an hour you need to have them in for around three hours I reckon. So from day to getting ready if you have the time. Section the hair with a back combing brush and put the rollers in as to how you want the finished style to be. 


See the way the rollers are placed . The top sections are big to create volume. I wanted a soft messy dressy look. I’m not at all into structure for my hair as I feel my face needs softeness particularly when I’ve overindulged and look a bit bloated. 

And here’s the final product. Waves as opposed to structured curls.  Big soft hair and pinned back from my face which I don’t ordinarily do.  
You can get sleep in rollers in the Salon Shop and Kevin Murphy products from All dolled up and Alan Keville for hair. 

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