Look Good Feel Good

Look good feel good.

I set myself a challenge this year for January and for once it didn’t involve depriving myself of anything. I couldn’t quite believe that I was entering 2016 with a different goal however as it is now the last week of January I feel ready to write about it. Normally @I set myself targets about getting more organised and more disciplined about housework or deadlines, all of which are important but can put a strain on you personally.   My social media timelines were full of people complaining about dry January, many of the fitness and wellness posts were very inspirational but all talking about deprivation of some kind. What about if as well as eating healthier we all decided to adopt a healthier attitude to our faces and bodies.  Looking good feel good is something I always talk about but there are times when even I don’t practice what I preach. So this challenge is one that we could try for February. Look good feel good is really quite simple. Anyone can do it no matter what your profession or budget is. It is simply put, allowing a little more time to enhance what you already have. So making the best of yourself.



A classic example of this is the messy bun, I think for most of 2015 I wore my hair like that, instead of taking a few minutes to style it properly. The tool that I am using now to dry my hair is the Babyliss big hair, This mega size hot brush smooths away frizz and transforms hair with the minimum of effort. I use a little Joico Kpak styling oil in wet hair and away I go. If you blast dry your hair with your regular hairdryer until it’s around 90 percent dry, then use the big hair.  Styled hair makes me feel instantly more glamourous. Add some extra height by using VO5 plump it up dry backcombing spray. Use a treatment once a week to help your hair recover from the extra styling, leave it on for 15 minutes for a really intense treat. I love Kevin Murphy young again masque, which smells amazing and contains anti-ageing ingredients to restore your hairs youth and vitality.  Another tip is to paint your nails. I love CND Vinylux which last on the nails for seven days. From the makers of the original two-week manicure Shellac, Vinylux is ideal for those that cannot get to a salon or a high gloss manicure. I had a recent pedicure using it and it lasts better than any product that I have ever used on my toes. The new collection called Art vandal features some really bold and vibrant colours to help you get in the spring frame of mind. The hot pink will look great on fingers and toes and is tipped as one of the big trends for lips and nails. Having a nice manicure is such a treat too. I have one twice a week to keep my cuticles in check, however if you can’t get to a salon there is a world of at home products to help you. Budget brand Essense have lovely manicure stickers and cuticle oils to help you recreate the look and effect of the salon.


It is well worth investing in a good foot cream too as before we know it flip flop season will be upon us. The ones that podiatrists recommend is CCS, which is unperfumed but contains no lanolin. Developed in Sweden, CCS’s professionally inspired formulation works with your body’s natural defences to condition skin. CCS Foot Care Cream is extremely effective in the control of dry and rough skin. It softens hard, dry skin helping to keep it soft, supple and helps prevent further dry skin. Pop on some cotton socks while it is on and let it penetrate the skin. Using a pumice stone in the shower helps with this. Another top tip is to buy yourself something nice to accessorise, whether it is a scarf, a new handbag or piece of costume jewelry. Wear a different piece every day to remind yourself you feel good.  And finally remember to compliment yourself when you know you look good. There has been a lot of negativity in the press recently about body shaming it’s time we all took a bit of time to compliment ourselves and each other. Part of looking good comes from making others feel nice too.


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