As the days are getting longer and the mornings a little brighter we can shed the dull lifeless skin of the long winter and search towards brightness and lightness. Bright radiant skin can only be achieved through an immaculate skincare routine. It is also worth remembering that the sun ages the skin rapidly so exposure to it should be kept to a minimum, by always wearing a high factor SPF winter and summer. The best indication that the SPF is good is that it will contain a little circle around the UVA symbol and this means it is recognised as a proper sunscreen. Using a product that contains salicylic acid will help to chemically exfoliate dead skin off the surface without the need for a scrub. My morning routine consists of using Simply Clean by Skinceuticals €37 which   is pore refining and suitable for my combination skin. I use it with the Clarisonic to instantly brighten my skin and tighten my pores. For anyone that prefers a scrub then the Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion €21 is a super product. Fine micro particles exfoliate to reveal a brighter more radiant complexion. This really is the first step to great skin, because anything that you apply afterwards will sink into the skin perfectly. If you are suffering with dull skin then my favourite toning product for brightness is Shiseido White Lucency softening lotion €55. This silky lotion helps to refine pores and offers a layer of hydration which will help with your next step. For skin that is sun damaged or suffering with pigmentation then Neo Strata Enlight pigment lightening gel €36 is an essential purchase. Containing polyhydroxy acids, kojic acid, hydroquinone and licorice extract, this gentle yet effective formula will remove hyperpigmentation while promoting an even complexion at the same time. 

  Freckles, pigmentation and age spots that may occur from pregnancy or other factors are effectively lightened and your skin will go back to looking beautiful and clear. It can be used on large or small areas which make it perfect for face or decollate. Follow on with the Enlighten serum €62 which you use on the face and neck this highly effective serum is designed to brighten skin illumination and suffering from hyperpigmentation caused by aging, hormonal fluctuations and solar UV radiation. For an instant pick me up for under your make up then try Guinot’s Mini Lift Éclat Beauté (RRP€18.00) (Instant Radiance Vials) are a must-have skincare secret for a quick fix. The setting and lifting properties in the serum tone skin tissues whilst the Sugar Complex reduces all signs of fatigue, leaving the complexion calm, smooth and revived for stunning results. This express beauty treatment is perfect for the wedding/communion season or a special occasion to ensure your skin looks its best. They come in a two pack of glass vials that apply like a dream to your face and neck. The texture is smooth and non-sticky which means that make up looks dewy and radiant over them. If they could launch this product as a primer I would definitely buy it.  

The beauty of these is that you don’t need to alter your regular skincare routine, just use these after you moisturiser if you have dry skin and instead of moisturiser if you have oily skin. And finally the most important anti-ageing product you will ever use. 
Traditional sun blocks were creamy and laborious to use and as Irish folks we only ever used them in the heat. Fast forward a few years and the formulae have changed making them easy and non-pore clogging. If you like a radiant mineral base then the Skinceuticals Mineral radiance €39 is for you. Smooth and containing a sheer tint that is universal it is ideal for anyone that spends time outdoors or wants to be able to apply make-up directly over it. The mineral content means that it is suitable for sensitive skins and post procedure. If you like a slightly creamier texture then Clinique City Block is a great option. Suitable for all skin types it helps protect against sun and free radicals which all age our skin rapidly.




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