Teint Miracle… Lancomes Jewel in the crown 

Before we start I would like to say that I’m a fan of a more dewy , less matte foundation. A few reasons for that , firstly it’s more light reflective , secondly my skin is dry combination so the radiance suits me better. There is nothing  more disappointing that a baked on looking foundation when you’re over 35. It doesn’t do anything for you which is why I rooted out a bottle of Teint Miracle I had in my kit. I bought it a while back for a bride that was in need of some radiance so I thought I’ll give it a bash myself.  


 I used a brush to apply it and as you can see in the photo ( despite my slightly grumpy look) it worked out well. I didn’t use a separate concealer under my eye area and it lasted pretty well. Around six hours which included a shopping  trip and a two gin and tonics. There’s no filter in the pic above I do have some of Bobbi Browns Shimmer brick on though. I was wearing a layer of tan so the colour is quite dark for my usual look but as I said I had bought it for someone not else.me  My regular foundation has run out but I’ll stick with this one for my tanned days. 

Lancome are a brand that do gift with purchase really well too if you’re that way inclined so keep an eye out for this when you’re buying. Skincare wise I love their cleanser and eye make up remover too. 

 In the picture above you can see the almost pearlescent tone running through the bottle. I would say that dry or combination skins would love this. Very oily should avoid it as it does feel quite hydrating on the skin. One of my fellow make up junkies Mei-Ling has oiler skin and loves it so get a sample before you buy. 
Happy Sunday 💋❤️

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