Crowleys Opticians 

An eye exam is just an eye test right? Wrong. When you go to get your vision checked you rad all the letters and come away with a script for new glasses. Well not my last one. The optician was able to check the health of my eyes and check for things like glacoma blood pressure and diabetes. He was able to see the mascara I was wearing was getting stuck in my waterline and irritating my eyes. They weren’t itchy to me but they were red. 

Ever wondered what an eyeball looked like? Here’s mine. Apparently it’s fairly unremarkable ( a good thing). 


The long and the short of it was that although my eyes were tested in November I still felt that my eyes were weak when driving. My script was different this time and the lady from the lab Anne came down to chat with me about getting a special coating on the lenses to avoid this. Anne I know from her Vision Express days in the lab there and her service skills haven’t waned. 

Here I am mid eye test. They use a manual system so as to ascertain the correct lense for each eye. And to ensure the optician can see you’re not squinting. 


The frames are always everyone’s favourite part and I went in with great expectation. I wanted To be more like Jenny McCarthy than Elton John. I had strict criteria I had to be able to wear eyelashes and they couldn’t hide my eyebrows. I also am conscious  of my eye bags so I would imagine John the frame guru was equally baffled and traumatised but if he was ,he hid it well. The final thing was I was getting one pair so they had to be multi purpose for the office and leisure. Here are the frames I chose. John was very helpful and was able to explain why certain frames suit certain faces. 

 Raybans that have an ever so slight cat eye. They curve slightly upward giving the eye lifting effect. The anti reflective coating means that they are great for night time driving as well as writing. They are also good for selfies but that might not be top of everyone’s priority list.

Crowleys  are celebrating a hundred years in business on the Grand Parade this year. They cater for all ages and budgets and there’s no shortage of offers either. Many of the frames are buy one get one free. 

The staff are kind and take their ye to help you out. There’s no conveyor belt of service and the team are dedicated to helping their customers. They do hearing tests and also contact lenses too. Apparently I’m a good candidate for them   (Contacts) and they have ones that change your eye colour. I always fancied having brown eyes so I might just give it a go. Lots of reasons to shop local in this city centre opticians and they have a branch in Carrigaline also.

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