Nobody is you and that is your power

 A long trip to Dublin the other night on the Aircoach where there was a guy opening and crunching Foxes glacier mints and another guy with Snoring that sounded like a combine harvester got me thinking. Why am I blogging. So I took to Snapchat and watched Cherry Sues Q and A session, primarily because I watch her always , I know Sue on a personal level and love her. But enough of the girl -crushing she talks a lot of sense. 
Blogging is for the most part a lovely community. People interact with you and want you to do well. It’s not a place to show your insecurity or to self analyse too much. There’s another side to it too that’s competitive and nasty with people trying to exclude or belittle others. It’s kinda strange though, attend enough events and meet enough people and you will know who the ones are that you gel with, for me it’s always the people that are the same in real life As they are on social media that excite me. But that’s the same of all our relationships. Sometimes you just hit it off with someone. 
Life in general has become a bit like that. There’s a level of Trauma experienced by each one of us by comparing ourselves, our hair our bodies and our minds to things we see online. A perfect flat-lay breakfast on Instagram one morning nearly brought a hormonal hung over Mary-Jane to tears, particularly after I had just consumed a bottle of water , a Diet Coke and a Danish and was covered in pastry. I was thinking what am I doing with my life? Why didn’t I have Eggs and a protein shakes this morning. Well here’s the thing … Protein shakes are vile and make me fart and eggs? Well on a hangover they aren’t ideal.   

So in a world that’s become so same-ish with Ombré hair, bouncy blowdries and tags of #Fitfam and #Inspo what can you do to keep it real? Here’s the first thing : 

Whether it’s work, real life or relationships honour your pace. 


Don’t compare yourself or your journey with someone else’s. Nobody knows what hard work went into gaining them their spot be it in fitness, fashion or relationships. Don’t compare their showreel with your real life. Share what you want to. 


Your turn will come for everything if it’s for you. Whether that’s a banging body, a true love story or career progress. Ever seen a relationship you thought was perfect break up? Nobody knows what’s going on behind closed doors. Again social media is a showreel. 

Be courageous. Let go of friends jobs and relationships in general that don’t make you happy. This takes time and courage. Sometimes ” breaking up” with a toxic friend can be harder than dumping a man. 

Care less about trivial things, especially when people are trying to make you feel bad. 

Make someone else feel good. I really believe that how you make others feel says a lot about you. So compliment the lipstick, tell them they smell good love the shit out of everyone that deserves your love. 
Love yourself first. Put yourself first. It’s not selfish or unkind it’s self preservation. Look at all of the happiest people you know. They love themselves. It’s not conceited or selfish it’s the most important lesson you will ever learn. 

Allow yourself to be lived too. Knock down the walls and let true love find you. If it’s real it will stay despite your flaws. This blog post turned to be a little deeper than I had originally planned but that’s kind of how my mind works. As it stands I’ve just had a lovely breakfast in the sun with a glass of Champagne. I’m on holiday and feeling rested and over the bus journey. 
Have a lovely Tuesday. Go find Cherry Sue doing the Do she’s one lady that is good if you want to know about blogging. 

5 thoughts on “Nobody is you and that is your power

  1. Great post Mary Jane! Lately I find I’m feeling under pressure to compare myself to other blogs/bloggers but I have to keep reminding myself that an online persona is just that and can be very different from reality. I’m a big fan of Cherry Sue and her no nonsense too.
    Enjoy your holiday!


  2. I just launched my new blog yesterday and it took me a year of research and steeling myself before I finally felt ready. Out of all the research and reading of blogs I have carried out, this post has to be the most inspiring and relatable piece of writing I have read. Thank you for putting my mind completely at ease and for giving me confidence to move forward with peace and acceptance of what will be will be! I hope our paths will cross some day 🙂


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