Maybe she’s born with it… 

Maybelline is a brand that never fails to impress me. I remember the first product I ever purchased from them many years ago and occasionally I’ll still purchase it. It’s their great lash mascara. 
I don’t always have the faith that many of my blogging counterparts have in pharmacy brands. I guess working in a high end department store blind sided me somewhat. That being said I’ll try anything once. I’ve just returned from jaunt to Marbella where most of my luggage consisted of make up. It nearly always does. I’m not a grade A minger without it but I love to be glam ( as my blog name suggests).

Anyway a trip to the local Supermercado revealed a little Maybeline display and I tried this red lipstick. Named Siren in Scarlett the name appealed to me as did the tester swatch I did on my hand. 

As you can see it worked out well. So well in fact that I then treated myself to Pink Fling a more sorbet like nude pink and I picked up the liner in velvet beige just for the hell of it. 

I’m a little tired looking but that’s courtesy of a lot of Cava and a bit of partying. These guys are definitely with the investment and judging by my Snapchat and Facebook messages have got quite a fan base already. Maybeline is a treasure trove of goodies and I think I’ll invest in a few more goodies over the next few weeks. Many of the emails I get on my blog are from people crying out for good no nonsense brands. This is probably the best of the bunch at the moment. 

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