Sleeping Beauty 

 The life of a twenty to thirty something can be hectic indeed. Combination or dry skin, late nights and long flights. Hectic new mothers and party animal antics means that sometimes out skin needs a little more help than usual. Me I have used this a few times post Cava and Tapas and wake up looking fresh. 
Let’s discuss masks in general. What I recommend is that your regular skincare tends to your skin type and your chosen mask treats the general condition. 
This Ibuki mask contains vitamin C for radiance and vitamin E for hydration. It’s a light gel texture that you apply post cleansing. You need about the size of a malteaser and you don’t need to rub it in. The vitamin is contained in the little grains that burst into your skin as you massage it. You avoid the eye contour area. 

It’s a decent size too and costs €45.00. You wake up looking refreshed and hydrated but the skin isn’t overly sticky as the mask absorbs. 
The older sister of this mask is the Benefiance Firming massage mask . This is the one recommended for the gals that are 40 plus. 

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