They See Me Rolling (again)

Kinvara is an Irish brand that has taken social media by storm, whether it is their cleansing oil or their Eye WOW serum it is just everywhere at the moment and to be honest I didn’t understand the hype until I gave it a whirl.

Anyone that reads my blog semi regularly will know that I am a hard hitter when it comes to skin. I am no stranger to the chemical peel or the harsher at home use products and to be honest unless a product is high performance or benefits me in some way there isn’t a hope it will ever make it onto my blog.



Developed by Dr Joanne O’ Reilly Kinvara is a brand that is full of passion and great ingredients.Her latest release, and to date the only product that I have tried, is her ingenious Eye Wow serum. Priced at €29.95, the rollerball makes application really easy and the serum itself is silky and easily absorbed. The metal cool rollerball also helps you to de-puff and the ingredients that help with this are cucumber ( think about the 80’s and pictures of ladies with cucumber on their eyes)which is vitamin rich, and horse chestnut which improves circulation and reduces puffiness.

Baobab is a beauty buzzword at the moment; the extract is designed as an instant anti-wrinkle agent, tightening and firming skin, resulting in smoother, more moisturised skin. I think this eye roller is perfect for all ages and it is reasonably priced. It also contains rosehip, hyaluronic acid and macadamia nut oil which makes it unsuitable for nut allergy sufferers.

I loved this as a wake me up. When I found it most useful was at my desk when concentrating in the computer left my eyes tired or indeed ahead of a night out where I wanted to look fresh. It also works on hungover or eyes that have not had a lot of sleep. New Mammas I am talking to you!

It is a handbag hero for me and it gets a bog thumbs up from me……



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