April is Rosacea awareness month and it is a condition suffered by many Irish people. What is it? It is a common rash usually occurring on the face most commonly between the ages of 40-60. It is more common in women but tend to be more severe in men. It is most apparent in those with fair skin and like many skin conditions isn’t consistent in its appearance or the frequency of outbreaks. The areas of the face affected tend to be the chin cheeks chin and nose. There can also be inflammation around the eye and eyelid. The cause of this is certain facial blood vessels enlarge and it gives a flushed appearance.  The more severe cases can contain acne and the precise cause of it is yet unknown. To help control it, Doctors recommend avoiding foods that cause flushing such as spicy or rich foods and to avoid severe temperature changes. Caffeine and sun exposure also are known to affect it. Severe cases require medical intervention in the form of topical creams and in more severe cases antibiotics but what are the best over the counter products to help with this condition? For cleansing it is best to use unperfumed gentle cleansers that have neutral PH. Avoid using flannels as these can be quite rough to remove make up use damp cotton wool and avoid hot water even in the shower. Avoiding toners completely is the key as these often contain high amounts of alcohol. Also avoid physical grainy exfoliators or face masques. It is always wise to use products only available in Pharmacies or departments stores as many of the high street brands will not work.

Rosaliac Anti-Redness Moisturiser contains La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water for women or men with vulnerable, reactive skin prone to flushing. This fresh, enveloping emulsion, lightly green in tint to neutralise redness, is an excellent make-up base for the entire face and helps to create a more even looking complexion. NeoStrata’s Ultra Moisturising has just what you need. This antioxidant moisturiser is formulated to gently exfoliate, moisturise, and restore the skin, reducing the visible signs of ageing on the face and neck. It helps calm and strengthen the protective barrier of dry, stressed and sensitive skin. Not only is it ideal for all skin types but it also helps reduce visible signs of ageing on the face and neck! Simply apply directly to your face and neck after cleansing and rub in. NeoStrata Ultra Moisturising Face Cream is clinically proven to be compatible with concomitant prescription Rosacea therapy and it helps reduce irritation and overall rosacea severity and signs of photo or sun ageing. It makes a great night cream for anyone that likes a nice rich cream. Another product designed to help calm it is Redness Neutralizer by Skinceuticals. Developed to help reduce flushing and increase radiance this ultra-light cream won’t clog your pores and is particularly good for sensitive skin. If a serum is more suitable, as you can just integrate this into your existing routine then MediK8 Red Alert Serum will help the skins barrier and soothe already irritated skin.  Very often concealing can be enough if you are suffering an outbreak and Vichy Dermablend foundation although full coverage is light to the touch and contain an SPF of 35 which is vital for Rosacea sufferers. It is also available in a concealer and this is quite popular with male sufferers as a little goes a long way and is virtually invisible once blended.


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