Massive May

Remember me waxing lyrical about look good feel good back in January ? Yeah well the crown slipped big time in April and I was actually being a full time mog. I still kept up general maintenance bit nothing I did made me look or feel good. 

I talk a lot about self care and love on my blog and across social media but for some reason I found April a tough month. I was a bit meh about everything , not depressed or stressed just a bit like I felt like eating and drinking my way through the month. 

Anyway to get myself out of the funk I decided that #MassiveMay was going to be a thing, I quit the crap food and knocked excess alcohol on the head. I’m finding as I’m getting older, my tolerance isn’t good and I’m tending to feel crap about myself the days after. This isn’t good for me and my social life does quite well without booze. I don’t mind being out and not drinking , although my tolerance for drunkards cuts off around midnight alright.  This turnaround happened towards the last week of April. 
Two weeks in, I’m happy to say there’s been no hangovers , no self loathing and lots of running. As I write this I’ve had some good catch ups with friends, have blisters on my feet from the running and I’m feeling great. So far I’ve been waxed head to toe, nails done a facial and a whole new set of great lengths hair extensions. Next on my list is a pedicure and some lash extensions. 

Loads of people on snapchat and across all of the social media platforms said that April was a bad month for them. That being said the days are getting brighter and the weather is getting better so that’s a mood enhancer too

So I’m thinking I’ll keep the ball rolling on this one. Joining a gym is my next thing, purely for the weights as I like the outdoors for the cardio.

I don’t know why in recent months I was feeling bad about myself , but I do know that Self belief and self love gets you out of it. So it’s about time I practiced what I preach and love myself a bit more. 

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