Waxing : Some Summery advice

Waxing is something that a lot of women do, some take a break for he winter and go hard at it during the summer months, or some like me do it all year round. Waxing is my choice of hair removal fro a number of reasons but primarily because I am blonde and cannot get laser hair removal performed.




I do my waxing every four or five weeks, but some people may need to have it done more or less frequently. You should have your hair the length of about a grain of rice, and of you get it waxed regularly you should try to avoid shaving in between.  It is well known that your skin can go leathery in the sun , making waxing more painful so I would suggest avoiding the sun or sunbathing really for 24 hours before and 24 hours after waxing. It won’t cause hyper-pigmentation (dark spots) on your skin, however, if you spend time in the sun after waxing, you can burn, which can result in sun damage and dark spots later on. Remember, waxing will exfoliate your skin. The wax sticks to your skin and removes the topmost layer so you may experience some lightening of a suntan if you have one. It will rip the fake tan off, here is a great satisfaction in this.

Avoid gradual tanners, fake tan heavy lotions or extremes of heat for example steam-rooms and saunas for at least 24 hours. If your skin is sensitive keep the shower at a cooler temperature and if you are getting your bikini area done avoid soaps and gels there. For underarms avoid deodorant and  antiperspirant for 24 hours too.

Ingrown hairs from waxing are likely, however very treatable, you will find them typically around the bikini and underarm areas. My answer to these are Waxperts pads, designed for this very reason. Read all about them here http://waxperts.ie/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Pads-singular.jpg. These work on stubborn spots too. They are also an Irish Company and pro waxers themselves.

To keep your legs silky the days and weeks after waxing it is really easy. Keep them hydrated with a lotion and exfoliated with a glove or product. It’s not too complicated.

Also a word of advice for anyone that is going for intimate waxing during or after the working day. Bring some feminine wipes with you and you can use them before you go in. Not all salons give you the option of baby wipe beforehand but it is handy to just bring your own for the pits and bits! Hows that for some straight talking ?

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