Concealing the deal Part 1- Blemishes 

Concealers have become big business since contouring became a craze and the cosmetic companies have upped their game big time. 

If we are to look at it from a Puritan perspective though … Consider this. There are several different types of concealers that we should be using. Heavy coverage for blemishes, thread veins and dark spots. A 50/50 illumination / coverage type for under the eyes. 

I really don’t like the word dupe. While many of the lower budget cosmetic brands perform exceptionally well. There are very few that I would say live up to the bigger brands. 
Amazing cosmetics are a little known brand that offer an exceptional coverage concealer that you can buy from cloud10 online. If you’re based in Cork Caci Beauty Salon in Douglas also sell it. I was sceptical about it as it retails at€27 and for a brand I was unfamiliar with it seemed to cost the bobs. The coverage is similar to a foundation and you need the tiniest bit to blend out with a brush. 

Catrice a brand sold in pharmacies , price wise this one was €3.99. It didn’t budge for the day and was more of a liquid texture and the wand although handy for application doesn’t help it to blend. A brush is handier. I felt that this one is better blotted over the area. The only real downside is the colours available are quite limited. 

Estée Lauder Double wear stay in place flawless concealer does what it says on the packaging. It stays where you need it. This one gives me a warm fuzzy feeling because it colour corrects perfectly and just stays put. Great range of colours available. This is why I love Lauder as a brand. Plenty of shades and good practical products. Double wear foundation is one of the most iconic long wear foundations. 
There’s a special mention for a concealer that could be a foundation it’s so good. Hello there MAC pro long wear concealer. Another one available in a myriad of shades it just performs really well and would be my one of choice for no make up days when I just want to take that lived in look off my face. 

The little pump makes it practical and easy to use. It stays put and although all of the concealers in this post do. This one is super for taking down redness if you want just wear a light BB cream or powder. I’ve put these all through their paces and would be happy to say go forth and make a purchase. I don’t feel any of these are suitable for the eye area though as they are full coverage and could make eye bags or fine lines more noticeable. 

Happy Bank Holiday Monday xxxxx
What’s your best friend to hide your blemishes? 

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