Orangegasm… Kinda fab

In case y’all didn’t already know my skin is dry .. Sahara dry but it never feels that way thanks to my love of body butters balms and creams. Roll up there soap and glory and show us some Orangegasm love. This buttery body saviour is just what dry skinned gals need. There are little Shea massage balls inside that burst onto the skin delivering a really nice burst of hydrating goodness. Usually we associate fresh citrus smells with lighter more sorbet like products but this 300ml tub gives great hydration and freshness from lemons and mandarins for summer because let’s face it guys nobody wants musky heavy fragrances in the balmy heat. 

You can buy it in Boots and there’s nearly always a three for two deal. If three tubs of body butter is just too much you can always get the Spritz and the shower gel to match.