BBold Smart Mousse 

If I had to choose an area that I’m really passionate about in terms of beauty one of the things I love is self tan. We know about sun and how it causes photo ageing but as a Celtic princess of blonde hair and blue eyed descent I’m pretty pake naturally. 
I’ve never made a secret of my love for a mousse tan. They are the tan of the busy woman. This one however is rocking my world for a few reasons . 

You can leave the tan on for 1-2-3 hours to allow it to develop to the desired colour. This means that whether you want a light subtle glow or a full on glamour-tan one bottle fits all. 
It applies brown. No orange. It covers well and dries quickly. The fade off is even and of you need another cost offer a few days it just works. Probably my favourite thing though is the price point.€14.95 and available in pharmacies. 
Perfect for Tanimals all over the country. 

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