Physicians Formula CC Collection

Nothing excites me more than a brand that deliver excellent quality products bit are somewhat under the radar . CC stands for Colour Correct. As a typical Irish skintype I won’t lie I need to. Pigmentation and redness are a problem for me so as I like to start my contouring on a blank canvas give me something to even up all of my flaws ( with the exception of my Cava love) and I’m so bloody happy. 

Physicians formula although in Ireland a couple of years is that brand. Developed as the title suggests by a doctor in the US. The brags itself is mid priced and abything I’ve tried I just sat I’ve loved. 
Let’s start with the magic wand of a concealer. It’s light in texture melts onto ( not into the skin)  and offers the all important colour correct. I don’t like the word dupe. To me it’s bandied around so much by companies that it sort of has become redundant. This concealer is a great one standing alone. It offers a little bit of everything and you only need a small amount. 

The CC cream offers a factor and the texture is creamy enough that you’d know you were wearing something but light enough that it’s perfect for everyday. You can see in the photo that my skin is very even looking but the forehead you can still see my freckles. 
A little different from my usual full on make up look. 

I’m tending towards dry in terms of skin so don’t really ever wear a powder. This one though is handy as an alternative to to keeping a messy foundation brush in your bag. There is a handy mirror. The brush included is a little small if you like a matte look but is grand for touch ups. 
The practicality of a mirror won over the vain bitch that resides somewhere inside me too. 

All in all a great little trio.. Like a sour cream / salsa / guacamole combo but that’s non edible and for your face. 
Available in pharmacies and

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