Let there be light or highlighter at least

Three of the best

I love a good bit of strobing and find that nothing will ever strobe you like a cream texture highlighter. You can see the gleam from outer space and that is the way I like it….. Not all creams were created equally though but I do have three top products that I use on myself and personally. All of these have featured in my column and on the blog before so you know I ain’t lying…..


Lets start with NYX Born to Glow Liquid illuminator first. Available in two shades this pearly glow can be mixed throw your foundation, patted with your fingers or dabbed with a sponge over your make up. I love this mixed with a long-wear foundation to give an opalescent effect.

The Buff one then is best used like strobe cream under your foundation and brushed over your collarbones and and patted under your brow bone. The product is high quality and you can now even buy it on Aer Lingus flights! The Movie star glow is my absolute favourite! And the best thing? It is Irish!

Mac Shell is probably the most foolproof, get a small synthetic brush and apply it anywhere you want a pearly finish. The port is uber portable too.


All of these are so pretty on all skin tones and well worth the investment.

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