Serums three of the best 

Serums in terms of beauty are a relatively new phenomenon, when you consider that for many years the skincare regime was always cleanse tone moisturise. Skincare professionals are now shunning this idea with many brands forgetting the toner completely, and  advances in dermatology are now in fact claiming that the savior of many moisturiser, has now  become completely defunct for normal and oily skin types. The theory is that only around 5 per cent of the population need it as it makes your skin lazy and unable to hydrate itself.

Snapchat is proving a popular way to chat causally about such things and so recently I did some concise videos about skincare and the serums one proved to be a hit and indeed a hot topic.

Working in a clinical environment has made me shoot from the hip when it comes to products having seen a massive improvement myself in my own skin I started using almost exclusively cosmeceuticals. That is for another blog post though and here are my three favorite serums for all very different reasons.

Lets start with Neo Strata Illuminating serum: Liquid and clear in consistency it is light easily absorbed and part of their enlighten range.  This range is especially for dull pigmented and ageing skin which could I guess account for the whole of Ireland over the age of 25. It helps to brighten and break up dark spots and is beautiful to the touch. I love this for all year around morning and evening. €60.00

Next up the antioxidant hero that is CE Ferulic, this serum contains a PH of 3.5 so it actively penetrates the skin and offers a high quality Vitamin C as well as the additional hydration of vitamin E. This my friends is a skin gamer changer and only used in the morning directly after cleaning your skin. This also acts as a prevention measure which in my book  is double the goodness with little effort. Spendy at €150.00 but so worth it as you only need a few drops.

And lastly my Shiseido love affair is forever strong and especially with the Bio Performance range. This satin textured serum is jam packed full of hyaluronic acid and is great for dehydrated and alcohol poisoned skin ( that was never in a press release) but trust me this needs to be in your skincare arsenal if you tend towards dry or dehydrated skin. another spendy number at €105 but such a beautiful and high performing product.




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