Tribal by Fuschia 


Once in a while something lands on my desk that I find interesting and on this occasion  it was the Fuschia Pallet aptly named Tribal. I was going to go one of two ways I was going to love it or hate it. This you see isn’t a muted nude pallet for the faint hearted rather an explosion of highly pigmented metallic eyeshadows that require careful application and consideration but when applied give maximum impact.




You can see above that the colours are quite wild but really festival appropriate and great for holidays and going out. The pigment is quite loose though so a word of advice would be to create your look and then apply the rest of your make up and keep a cotton bud handy. The only negative is I feel they could have put a deep bitter chocolate colour in to help with defining the eye, most people have one of these colours in their make up bag anyway but I think they could have done without one of the paler mattes, that being said I am a total drama queen when it comes to eye make up so you may not necessarily find it lacking.


You can see above that I did quite a bit of playing around with it I do think it looks great if you are wearing any colours like cream, black or khaki. I even wore it with navy and gold and it didn’t look out of place.

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