A womb with a view ( my own)

Jennifer Aniston is fed up. Mary-Jane O’Regan is also fed up. Why? The womb warriors that constantly speculate as to whether she is baby planning and or pregnant. Jen and I are married, she is forty something and I am thirty something. Neither of us have babies. Both of us are fabulous. She’s rich, I am not, I’m solvent though.  Recently the heartbreak of Theresa May’s longing for a baby was splashed across social media by her colleagues inappropriate comments that she was better equipped to be PM as she had children. What? I know the absolute smugness of this idiot.

I have friends that have really struggled to have kids. I remember miscarriages, infertility and lack of hope.I remember telling them that it was OK, it was OK to cry, and that it was OK to feel upset. I also have friends who are loving parenthood and that is OK too. Jo Jingles and nappies , weaning teething and travel cots. I can change nappies, babies like me for some weird reason. I think it is the big hair and copious amounts of accessories I wear, they are good for pulling at. It might be the clown contouring too. Either way I like babies too. They are cute, make me laugh and are a total hoot.

The last time I wrote a blog in relation to my womb it was the story of a miscarriage. One that had quite an effect on me but the wounds have now healed or so everyone thinks. I am this close to losing my shit with everyone asking me, are ye trying? .I am not being uncharitable but you are asking me am i having sex with my husband? Are you having sex with my husband? That usually shuts them up. I was open about the stress and upset the questions caused me he first time round and almost three years on they have slowly started creeping in again. You know what? I am done being polite, smiling and saying oh you never know because essentially it is nobody’s business. For the record I am healthy, able to have a baby if I want (in theory). My bloods are good, my hormone levels to conceive are higher than average for a women my age. ( Just thought I’d share it because people seem to think that I am on my back seven nights a week and that nothing is “stirring”).

I refuse to have a baby just because I can. 

I love my life as it is. I have a wonderful social life, great friendships and fantastic holidays and am really content and happy. And still despite all of this people are still telling me I might regret not having kids. Well no problem at all… I will just go through a nine month pregnancy, and have a baby on the off chance I might regret it. Lads a a baby isn’t a side of garlic bread with your Domino’s. I don’t want to have a baby because it might be a good idea. If I decide to have one it will be because I really want one. It’s life changing. It’s also worth noting that should the child ever say ” I didn’t ask to be born” I cannot reply that ” I didn’t actually want a baby either but society thought I should give it a shot “. Totes awks. 

The females in my family are known for being strong and going against the grain when it comes to procreating.My mother had me at he ripe old age of 44 back in 1979. I was a change of life baby apparently. Because like it or not babies change your life. Not what my mamma meant but it is exactly what I mean.

3 thoughts on “A womb with a view ( my own)

  1. MJ great piece.. People need to mind their own beeswax and leave people do whatever the hell they want. Each to their own. When people are ready to do something others will realise because there will be changes. Till then zip it people. It gets pretty boring hearing “are Ye trying” all the time. Pressure from randoms is not needed in everyday life. If it’s not stressful enough at times.


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