Cleansing essentials …. 

Double cleansing is great for your skin and an effective way to skip toning too. I’ve written in the Cork Indo and social media pretty relentlessly on the topic but not someone to back down on effective skincare ..  I find myself returning to the subject. 

The initial step is removing make up and sebum from the skin. Use a specific eye make up remover for the eye area, a dual phase one will cut through even the most stubborn mascara. Do this step first. Use cotton buds under the lash line so that you aren’t dragging the delicate eye area. I am a fan of the Botanics eye make up remover from Boots, it’s €5.99 and dissolves the most stubborn eye make up. 
The cream cleanser such as the Medik8 cream cleanser €28 can be worked into the face and removed using damp cotton pads or discs.

The second cleanse then comes for Glamity in the form of a Clarisonic brush with a gel or foam. The two I find most effective are Skinceuticals Simoly Clean which is pore shrinking and really good for deep cleansing. It states it’s for oily skin but I like it for most types with the exception of very dry . 

Neo Strata Ultra Brightening cleanser is a great one for dull or lacklustre skin. A pea size amount on a wet brush will do your face and neck. The cleverly placed flannel is to pat your face dry. Only use tepid water ever on your face. If I see one more hot cloth post…. I’ll lose my reason. Heat to that level on your face causes broken veins and is bad fit your skin and your hair. 

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