Thalgo Marine.. Indulge yourself

It smells like Christmas cake….. I always like to get a second opinion of what a product smells like and I must admit that this description is not at all inaacurate. Citrusy and uplfting is how I would have described it.A delicious combination of Sea Salt, Cassonade Sugar and plant Essential Oils, this scrub has a unique bi-phase texture to help eliminate rough patches, smooth the skin and leave it feeling beautifully soft. The unique formulation of skin-renewing sea salts and silky-smoothing brown sugar is the perfect blend for exfoliating effectiveness.   Precious Jojoba and Apricot Oils are included which have intensely nourishing properties, providing a velvety feel to the skin.  It is the first scrub that I have ever used that has both salty and sugar which is wehre the savopury and sweet come into play. Priced at €40.00 it is a little spendy but you use less and you should always treat yourself. There is a shower gel and body lotion that match. Soft and supple is the summer game. Invest in this and your will be feeling it from head to toe.



Miost higher end skincare brands look after the hands but Thalso are onje of the only brands I know that also cater beautifully to the feet.The cold cream marine cream proced at €18.00 is just rich and decadent. It helps with cracked or dry heels and work especially well on tired feet or feet like mine that do a lot of walking. It also recognises that your feet need more cream and so come in a 75ml. Marine based products are well knmown for theor heraling propertoes so the hand cream is a wonderfulo addition to your night time routine especially if your hands are exposted to the elements regularly, so I am looking at golfers, gardeners oand outdoorsy type poeple. The hand cream cost €15.00


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