Great Lengths -Three months in the halfway mark 

So three months into my extensions how am i getting on? I love them still and now couldn’t imagine not having them.As silly as it sounds, i feel like I look younger and feel more confident having them. I definitely think that I have relaxed a bit and have found that leaving them an extra day without washing helps keep them from matting as your natural oils will make them easier to brush.

I had one minor hiccup last month when I went to a top London Salon, who swore they could blow-dry bonded ones ended up actually ripping several of them out and matting them. Luckily I persevered with unmatting them myself but overall it cost me six or seven extensions. I went in n a panic to see Stephen or weavin Stephen as I call him  and he un-matted the remainder. All Dolled up are so approachable and fun.  My hair is fine and quite silky in texture so a natural loss of approximately 30 percent is to be expected by the end of the lifetime of them. Since getting them in I have spoken to loads of people that have had extension horror stories, none of them with great lengths. I guess the true proof is that my own hair is growing at a great rate underneath too. I am lucky my hair grows quickly. Not so great for the roots, but I definitely lack the density given to me by these.



The products I am using are sulphate free in the form or Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Rinse and treatment once a week, and Pureology, Fullfyl  by L’Oreal twice per week. As well as my Great Lengths brush. I haven’t used any other brushes as the plastic teeth can rip the bonds out of your hair. Dry Shampoo is also your friend with extensions as it means you won’t need to wash them as often, great if like me you are fond of a curling iron.


The Pureology Shampoo and conditioner smell gorgeous and they definitely help with volume. I would use this shampoo and conditioner regardless of having extensions. The Kevin Murphy products are a long standing favourite of mine too.  There is something so satisfying about using an environmentally safe and animal friendly product. I have also found that my Psoriasis likes the sulfate free products. There is a whole other blog and article coming on that though.

A special mention to he salon where I get my extensions done also for their time and effort in helping me choose products. I am a complete magpie when it comes to hair stuff, I always want the nicest smelling prettiest bottle, bu every single staff member there knows which products to recommend. So although weavin Stephen is an expert, the midi doll that does my blow dries ( Molly ) is great for a chat too. She is currently training in all aspects of hairdressing and is full of passion. And when it comes to all things in life passion is great.

The only thing I haven’t really done much of with them is up-styling, this is more to do with the fact I have a head and a face like a potato, up-styling doesn’t really suit me too much. I need hair to detract from my giant forehead.

A night time I just plait them loosely, somehow the great lengths just need to be shaken out, my own hair is like Donald Trumps around the crown, so I won’t be disingenuous  and pretend that my own hair is naturally great. It is fine and gets knotty.  So my two heads of hair are different, but blend seamlessly. Everyone has complimented my hair so I am thrilled.

I put the Jodie Kidd picture in because I met her and she was lovely! I never fan-girl but my God how fab is she?

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