Turkey Burgers 

Turkey has become the cocaine of the #FitFam brigade and as I tend to dip in and out of this gang myself I decided to try them. Not a one for shying away from making them I took myself off to my local butchers who to my surprise had them ready made, a Friday evening glass of wine was calling so I opted for two that had some finely diced veg through them. I whacked some Piri Piri dry rub on them and gently pan fried them. 
I served them with a green salad of leaves spring onions sugar snap peas and a few sweet peppers. Sitting on the countertop was some pumpkin seeds and they got thrown in too. There were some bean sprouts left over in the fridge too. 

The fear of the burgers being dry saw me serve them with some salsa. Fresh tomatoes onions and some coriander. Yum. 
The burgers were lovely but I was glad of my seasoning. They would have been kinda lost in a bun too I think. I had a glass of wine too and really  enjoyed it, I was tempted to just make a veg stir fry when I came in but am glad I made the effort. Not sure how well they’d barbecue because you do need to babysit then so as not to dry them out. A healthy dinner anyway. Another on track meal which I’m grateful for. 

Low calorie low fat and low cost … But my favourite low maintenance and really fast. Next time I’ll marinate them in curry powder. 

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